Future Innovations

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Market Requirements Drive Our Development Projects

Evolving requirements in medical ultrasound drive the development of new product platforms.

  • Image quality – Image quality remains one of the primary attributes in diagnostic applications. We continuously investigate new materials and acoustic architectures to provide ever-improving performance.
  • Miniaturization – The miniaturization of ultrasound systems is changing the boundaries between transducers and electronics. We are developing new interconnection technologies that allow us to meet the most demanding packaging requirements.
  • Portability – Portable systems placed in new clinical settings require transducers that can withstand tough mechanical and chemical conditions. We continuously look for designs that provide robustness without compromising acoustic performance.
  • Volumetric imaging – Volumetric imaging has become standard practice in several diagnostic applications. We are currently developing new technologies that help interface mechanical 3-D and 4-D probes with virtually every ultrasound system.

Please contact us for additional information on our new platform development projects and roadmap.