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Latest Additions to our Product Platform Portfolio

Analogic has recently introduced new Sound Technology branded product platforms to address the demanding requirements of the OB/GYN, neonatal, surgical, and urological clinical segments, including:

3-D and 4-D Endocavity Platform

Real-time volumetric imaging has become the standard in OB/GYN clinical settings. We have has been providing leading OEMs with 3-D and 4-D array subassemblies for over 10 years. We’ve used our expertise in this area to develop our own 3-D and 4-D endocavity platform. Click here for more information on our 3-D and 4-D endocavity platform.

Phased Array Platform

Small-footprint, high-frequency arrays have been part of our Sound Technology family of products for several years. We’ve combined established high-frequency technologies and a new acoustic architecture to serve the needs of the neonatal and pediatric ultrasound market with a new high-frequency phased array. Click here for more information on our phased array platform.

Endorectal Biplane Platform

An aging population is driving the clinical needs of the urological market, and new procedures require multiple views of the rectum and anal canal. In response to these trends, We have added a small-footprint endorectal biplane to our family of multiplane probes. Click here for more information on our biplane platform.

Endocavity Platform

Endocavity probes undergo frequent disinfections and are prone to mechanical and chemical damages that can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. To address this issue, we have enhanced the durability of our endocavity probes by using our rigid lens EncapTM technology. Click here for more information on our endocavity platform.

Our new products have been developed with the end user in mind. We offer lightweight probes that are ergonomically designed to maximize comfort for the sonographers, physicians, and patients, even in the most demanding clinical settings. Ask your ultrasound system manufacturer if it offers Analogic's Sound Technology branded probes.

Contact us for further details on our Sound Technology product portfolio and transducer design capabilities.